Is Apex Legends Still Worth Playing in 2020?? The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Apex

In this video we talk some of the best aspects of apex legends as well as the bad parts of apex legends to answer the question of is apex legends still worth playing in 2020



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  1. The only thing I don’t like is fu*king 10th partied in Kings Canyon or in City at world’s edge haha…..

    Edit: Best BR available now . Highly Optimised

  2. Whether a game is "worth" playing is entirely subjective though. You can only say whether its worth YOU playing it. You cant speak for others

  3. I started playing in week 6 of Season 4.
    I played only one game in Season 1 then quit, until the former.
    I love EVERYTHING about this game except:
    1. Shitty servers of EA
    2. Lack of a better UI in all menu screen types
    3. The ridiculous matchmaking time on PC (I play both PC and PS4)
    4. The terrible skill based matchmaking system.

    However there is too much to love about this game to let the cons I've found stop me.

  4. Everytime your internet freezes for 10seconds the game kicks you. Respawn please fix this Fortnite has fixed it already

  5. I love Apex but what makes it hard to play now days is all the sweats. Everyone want to be a pro player or a Streamer. It hard to enjoy playing causally. Randoms want to solo everything. The server aren't great. I will die quick and look at the death summary and it will say he shot me 9 time for x amount of damage but on my screen it looks like he only shot me once. The syncing needs major work or atleast a kill cam.

  6. I really do feel like apex is gonna pull a 360 and add crazy buffs and nerfs a new map and like a new gun like season 10💀 apex seems like they’ve been building up to something bigger than we notice and we’re just waiting for the big “bomb” to drop

  7. You even have pathfinder and octane if u want more movement (: also it’s kinda crazy how much background there is in this damn game 💀💀💀 it’s a fricking BATTLE ROYAL the whole point is literally just to kill and u have so much backstory for all the characters

  8. It doesn't matter how good the game is if It takes 2-3 headshots from a high caliber sniper to down someone. Also ALL shotguns are trash and all sniper are trash. Each and every weapon in the game has been nerfed in one way or another. Some have been nerfed so much they can't be used at all by the majority of the player base. Weapons like r99 wingman peacekeeper that required high skill were nerfed so now it's same high skill for less damage (punishing players who put time into the game learning recoils etc). Peackeeper went from a high skill weapon to a high risk weapon. Also they keep making decisions to benefit new or casual players which begs the question why are they doing that if there are less new players like Tytan gaming said in this video. Also 22 tick servers don't help either. Everyone though csgo 64 tick servers were bad until this ''Gem'' of a game came along Holy Shit are the server bad. Anything less then fibre connection with 50-100 mbps and you are better off using 4g or any other wirless.

  9. Apex legends is better than cod warone but apex servers are worse I get 200-500 ping with huge paket lost apex should work on its servera

  10. I mean Apex is by far the best shooter and BR you can play rite now. COD is to slow and clunky, and fortnite is for 12 year olds

  11. apex legends fans are fucking delusional and thats just it everybody sucking apexs dick literally havent seen any1 complain about the game but when i play it its soo fucking obvious and annoying in a lot of aspects

  12. Its free

    Just boot it up and play a few matches, preferably with friends. If you like it then congrats you have a free game to spend time in. If not, oh well it only cost you an hour or two of your time to find out you don't like Apex

  13. The game litterally never stopped growing. so you shouldnt say that

  14. My opinion on different aspects of the game.

    Movement: top tier, only really losing to titanfall, which is fine since most of apex's movement came from the games. Mobility is such an important part of this game so legends like wraith and pathfinder who can give the team more mobility are usually pretty high tier (except you octane, your overall kit is just kinda weak lmao sorry)
    Any other games feels so sluggish and slow, you cant go back once u get used to apex's movement

    Gunfights: Challenging but rewarding. If you practice enough with a gun, it can be strong, except mozam and p2020 (especially without hammerpoints) theyre meant to be bad. R-99 is a strong weapon, but if you've master using another gun, you can still win the gunfight. For a while i was very against using less popular guns like hemlock and eva, but once you get used to them, theyre just as effective and even better in some circumstances.

    Positioning in fights: Very fluid and flexible. Getting shot at from a distance? behind some cover and reposition. Dont have any high ground or close terrain to shield yourself from bullets? You got legends like gibraltor who can put down a dome, caustic who can put down gas to block line of sight from an area, legends like wraith pathfinder and octane who can get your whole team to further away cover. god damn, you can even use grenades and thermites to block line of site and pop a quick heal.

    Skins (not store bought ones): Legendary skins for the legends are pretty good, epic skins however are kinda boring. Theyre the same set of designs copy pasted onto every other legend and the same with the epic gun skins. Personally i like the blue tier skins/grey tier skins more then epic (legendary are obviously the best looking ones), they have a much cleaner look.
    Skins (store bought ones): Legendary skins (legend and guns) you can buy are often pretty good, especially the event ones, however they do cost quite a lot which sucks. Not a big deal though, the normal legendary skins still look great! There is also very little pay-to-win skins. The only advantage some have is a smaller iron sight, letting you see more when aiming down sight, but its rarely a noticable advantage in my opinion

    In-match loot: Lots of guns to loot, so excluding the start of a match, its not hard to find the guns for your desired loadout. Good armor is slightly harder to come by than a good gun, which is good since it means theres a more even playing field early-mid game. Of course there is occasionally the match where you dont get any armor and the person in the next house gets a purple armor, but thats just the nature of some rng. If youre better than the other player then theres a decent chance you can still win against them (referring back to getting used to different guns allowing you to win fights even at a disadvantage loot-wise). Plenty of looting places in the game, so if you want to play agressive you can drop into a hot spot like fragment west/east or skulltown, or you can play a slower game, dropping at somewhere like drill site or slum lakes. The more packed areas of course have better loot, but its not amazingly better, so you decide on the high risk – medium/high reward or low risk – low reward.

    The zone: doesnt pose much of a threat early game. It doesnt do too much damage, so as long as you have a few heals youll be fine. Late game (like the 4th+ zone) hits like a truck, you do not want to be caught in it, so its very advantageous to get in early and play a good area of highground or something like that, so other players running from the zone will be forced into your line of fire. Very little is worse than being in some of the final zones and having to run towards the house that an enemy squad has control over.

    Cant think of anything else to talk about lmao and cbs typing anymore haha. These are just my opinions on the game so im open to other opinions too.
    If you actually read this far, god damn you have a ton of patience, but ty for taking the time <3

  15. can you explain the difference between the ranked lobbies when you play in a 3 stack vrs when you play in solo q ?

  16. Apex feel cluncky in comperisson to apex legends. But thats how most other games feel in comperison to aoex legends.

  17. started playing pretty recently. got 100+ hours though. fun ass game, playerbase seems thin though. I started in season 4 and seen to get matched with everybody from total noobs to last season predators

  18. I disagree with the Expensive Skins point. I usually buy stuff for games that I love. And I LOVE Apex. But I haven't bought anything except for the S4 Battle Pass.
    The skins that aren't event tied are pretty bad imo. And the ones that are event exclusive are OUTRAGOUSLY expensive.
    Im not a whale. I just want to buy a cool skin or two that I like for my favorite cahracter. But I still think it's too fucking expensive.

  19. Anyone play apex on ps4? Wanna add me and we can play I have over 4500kills with wraith and over 70season 4 wins with her looking to get better and have people who can become friends and just have an all-time good fun PSN is :multrvey hmu here and if with a message you want to play apex

  20. The fact that their is less content released makes me like the game more, things are well thought out and there for more than just a new hook. I stopped playing Fortnite because there was a new item, event, gun, gimmick every single week whereas apex, while it has a lot of bugs still, just tries to balance everything throughout the seasons. I came back to apex 2 seasons later and still knew what was going on, when I went back to fortnite after 3 seasons I couldn’t even get close to feeling like it made sense, there were orbs, race tracks, a million new guns, meds, grenades just everything so so busy so bad. Slow movement, stupid things only there to make people feel like they have to come back to the game every day. I just hope apex never becomes what fortnite is now.

  21. It’s my favourite game at the minute, I got back into it at the start of season 4 (day one player but stopped playing ps all together mid season 1

  22. The game suck damage random teammates sucks bullett hits random many hacker

  23. Don’t really agree with these types of videos but this video was well said everything is facts

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