IS IT WORTH IT ? The New Stirling GT Podium Car Free Lucky Wheel GTA 5 Online Review & Customization

After winning the Stirling GT in GTA 5 online fast from this weeks GTA Online Weekly Update. I wanted to share my taught on it. Also if you want to get it first time, please follow my guide from this week. This is this weeks free podium car – Stirling GT . Tutorial on free car glitch gta 5 online with controller / joystick cam and timer in my channel. How to get free car ( Stirling GT) or vehicle and do free car glitch in gta 5 online with joystick cam and a timer. The wheel glitch is easy…


  1. so I spun and then I got it but I forgot I had to choose my garage to put it in amd I went and amd didn't select one and now I don't know how to get it please help!!!!

  2. Who else gets lucky getting podium vehicles on first try ? I’ve started playing a little more then a month and have gotten every car from casino.

  3. I winned that car, after that i went afk when they asked where i want to place the car and KABOUM lost the car..

  4. I was so mad when I seen this bucket on the podium in the casino 😤😤 an knowing I kno the glitch to Win every car that comes to the casino (I won this car 2days ago) so now I have to wait all the way to next week to use the glitch again and I hope is something way more worth waiting for 😒

  5. I really want the x80 proto because it definitely is the best car atleast visually in the game, only problem is it’s 1.8 million and It’s not on the mystery prize

  6. This cars rally lamps work, during I/E sales if u turn on bright lights they will work, also I got it

  7. This car is my new favorite "drive around in style and get randomly blown up by an OP Mk2" vehicle!

  8. Who needs customization when the stock car is so beautiful!

  9. "Yes Timmy all those girls that said that size doesn't matter lied to you"


  10. Ama rate the car 4/10 it’s the back of the car that makes it look so bad if that back end looked good I would say 7/10 but yeah poor car 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. If you keep doing these videos every week then you are going to get 100,000 subscribers by the end of next year and those rims were pretty bad

  12. I’m glad I won the F1 car last week, on the third spin. This car is so-so.

  13. I remember when I congratulated you on 200 subscribers I knew you were going to be big because 2 days later you hit 300 subscribers and now look at you 22.7k subscribers! 😃

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