JUST CAUSE AUTO – GTA 5 Grappling Hook Mod

Bring the fun of Just Cause to Grand Theft Auto V with the grappling hook mod! Shenanigans are very likely to occur, so be warned.

Game Link:

GTA 5 Grappling Hook Mod:



  1. Kaise load karte hain uska asaliyat Mein video dikhayen use mein bhi load karna chahta Hoon Main Bhi khelna chahta hun mujhe bhi interest hai is Mein lekin Achcha Se Achcha video jaldi se jaldi Pata video naya

  2. i dont understand!! i have the mod downloaded and i equiped the pistol!!! i pressed H a million times and nothing happened!1 help plssss

  3. bro that was gay y would u want a Mans bike to ur Weiner

  4. is there someone who can give this to me without having to be a patron because making people pay for mods is worse than dlc

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