Keyboard And Mouse Cheating On Console | Apex Legends

Using a keyboard and mouse is cheating on console? Respawn thinks so! Thanks for watching!


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Intro By: Envoid

Gameplay Recorded w/ Elgato:

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  1. 9/10 times keyboard mouse will always win. This is why I play fps games on a pc. But for a console gamer to have keyboard and mouse vers a controller is an extremely unfair advantage. Because you'll never beat me with a controller if I'm using a keyboard mouse.

    So I strongly agree it's a form of cheating, or should be put in there own lobby with such players using keyboard mouse. For competitive gaming key board mouse wins every time

  2. I play fortnite woth PC players all the time on xbox… Apex needs to allow keyboard and mouse on console

  3. The controller is plugged into the USB port instead of the normal wireless port this seems like a huge difference that the console OS would obviously know about. This information could be made available to the developers to allow or disallow user. I don't know what the problem is here.

  4. I agree with @TheOneand OnlyUser 100% but I think people should use keyboard and mouse just to see it for themselves before they call it an advantage because everything isn't what It seems

  5. Tbh i dont see how kb/m on console is better, its kinda a downgrade in a way, sure you have a mouse but the delay its so bad its not even worth it, to me it just seems like what ur preference is, so not “cheating” which is an absurd unfair advantage like aimbot and stuff like that

  6. Well the way I look at it is this, keyboard and mouse people on console need to just buy a PC, when you can’t use a Xbox 360 controller on the Xbox One but they allow mouse and keyboard….that baffles my mind.

  7. Mouse and keyboard is everywhere on consoles now with XIM and other devices it’s ridiculous and games can’t even detect that it isn’t a controller so there’s nothing they can really do about it

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