Keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch Fortnite

Using the new Gamesir VX keyboard and mouse on the Nintendo Switch while playing Fortnite. It also works on PS4 and Xbox One. Is this a Fortnite cheat?

Here’s the link:

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  1. hum…this is a general "playing with keyboard & mouse" not a how to install, set up vid, as suggested when doing a search on google on how to set up and use keyboard mouse for switch

  2. But it’s sold out and I really wanted it I get bullied for playing on switch and being bad at fortnite

  3. whiny pussies are like "iTs NoT fAiR" no life virgin stfu it's literally a videogame get a life

  4. I can't afford a pc or a monitor but the second I can get a monitor I'm getting this

  5. What you call cheating is having Auto aim, Aimbot, Teaming, Hacking etc but the KB and Mouse part is not cheating. People do not know what they are talking about. If it was cheating don't y'all think everytime you use KB and mouse on a different console on Fortnite they would have been banned that person whom was using LB and mouse.

  6. There's a new version.. Can you make a comparison video and maybe alternative adapters that do the same thing.

  7. Anyone know if this still works now for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2? My PC is a brick…

  8. If it was cheating then when wouldnt be able to use keyboards on other consoles as well

  9. Ok I use this in competitive because Nintindo switch is the single worst platform to play on, we have the worst drift, and FPS (Mobile, while running at the same base FPS, can actually hold 30 while switch mostly does 15-25) and we don’t even get the advantage mobile players get, of a system that shoots for them, or even that good of aim assist. So in my opinion this just evens the playing field.

  10. Is there a discount or code I can use, its kinda expense/out of my budget for me

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