Kid Spends $1000 on brother's credit card to buy Vbucks (Fortnite)

Kid Spends $1000 on brother’s credit card to buy Vbucks On Fortnite! (BACKFIRES) Today we go kids who sprent spent $1000+ of fortnite vbucks with their brother credit card. These Fortnite streamers play Fortnite season 10 Battle Royale for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch & Mobile Devices [IOS + Android] in 2019. These streamers include Tfue, Ninja, H1ghsky1, Pokimane, Faze Jarvis & more. This is NOT a Fortnite Free Items, Skins or V-Bucks Video. Enjoy this Fortnite season 10…


  1. Why do u put the same video over and over again but only your thumbnail nail is new and people fall for it and then you force by saying something will be in our bed

  2. Who else got the chapter 2 season 2 battle pass and getting the season 3 battle pass with asking your parents like if you did

  3. I am 10 years old and I wanted a gift card then my father told no so he told I will give you from his credit card so he didn't know that we didn't removed the credit card emfornation and I spend 700 dollar on his credit card

  4. I don’t play fortnite so I don’t have to worry plus it’s boring but I like watching people getting in trouble😂🤣

  5. I would subscribe if he wouldn’t threaten us with a friken spider or that we won’t have a girlfriend which I don’t care about cause I’m not lesbian 🤷‍♀️

  6. I love you kid keep buying V bucks even if your dad gets mad I do that sometimes to my mom though my dad doesn't really have his credit card yet but I maybe so

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