Land on Different Bullseyes All Locations Guide – Fortnite (Bullseye! Challenge)

Land on Different Bullseyes All Locations Guide – Fortnite (Bullseye! Challenge)

For one of the “Bullseye!” challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 10 Week 9, you need to “Land on Different Bullseyes”. There are a total of 3 different ones that you need to land on.

You can only do this in 3 different games as once you land the Bullseye’s disappear. Simply land on all 3 of them to complete this challenge!


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  1. Ur my fav fortnut ytber u get straight to the point. Im a huge fan btw im using ur code the first time i watched u

  2. Will there be week 10 challenges because I’m at tier 95 and I want to get to 100

  3. HarryNinetyFour is the best challenge guide because when he starts his videos in the bus all the others still in the lobby and he don't put music on too keep up what you doing

  4. Whenever I have a challenge I watch your videos, I'm going to use your code love your videos!

  5. Is it just me or were these challenges really easy? Like I got them all done in an hour…

  6. For someone who posts challenge guides you sure do have a lot of challenges to do :10

  7. Thanks bro always go directly for the challenge without blah blah blah like others do. I'll use your create code once I get on later. 💯😎

  8. I literally do not understand why Harry is never on top viewed challenge videos. Everyone friggin reads an essay before they actually do the challenge but Harry is always 1 min. Props to you Harry

  9. Harry can u gift me the new zone war skins bundle
    nevermind it seems lile too much

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