Leaked Season 5 Loba Abilities – Apex Legends Datamined Next Legend

In this video we take a deeper look at the season 5 legend Loba and what her abilities will be. There will also be a teaser coming soon to apex legends that shows her off in game, lets dive in!

Loba Tactical Animations Video:

Loba Teaser Leak:

Loba Height Compare Image Credit:

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  1. dude. i’m so excited for her, she looks amazing!

  2. I still don't fucking understand why they haven't added a character with the movement abilities of titanfall. It would be so easy to just say they are an ex-pilot or the kid of a pilot. Literally the only thing that would bring me back to this game. Also loba's hit box isn't bigger it's "curvier"…. just how I like em lol

  3. I thought the title suggested datamined info for the next legend after loba 🙁

  4. Loba's tactical and pasive doesn't sound useful in late rounds, but we'll have to see

  5. Kinda disappointed she’s loot based cause she’s gonna fall off in late game when people have all the loot they need

  6. You can bet your bottom dollar I will thumbs down Val content. It’s a 9 year old game with stupid abilities. I unsubbed ace for it don’t let your channel be next.

  7. I saved up 12 K legend tokens for this. If her ability’s are bad…. I will be pissed

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