leave me alone hackers (Apex Legends)

i can’t take this anymore

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  1. Ok I'd say like if you were hacking in a pve mode yeah that's fine if you can help all the players. But if you hack on a PvP that's not fair

  2. He's probably just in VR jumping around 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Mirage was technically made to stop hackers use his decoys to fool them then they waste their ammo on the decoy and he uses his decoy for protection do completely annihilate them

  4. Hackers weaknesses is that they stand still cause they hack they dont care cause they just get headshots and a whole squad could kill hackers like that cause whats key is movment

  5. If a cheater is watching this comment, explain to me what's the point hacking in a game?

  6. 5:32

    Brad: “Distract ‘em typho!”
    Typho: goes flying
    Brad: “Good distraction typho! I’m so proud of you!”

  7. The only reason why i feel envious towards Braddy poo is because he gets to play with the both of y'all 😫😢 oh and Todd too lol

  8. I hate hackers in apex cuz I think there’s so many of them are salty 9 yr old fucktards that can’t accept that fortnite is dying

  9. I love your videos! Keep it up!!!! I can't wait to see you reach over a million subscribers!, You totally deserve it 100%… Also gotta say it, you have such a beautiful voice! As dose typho!

  10. Hey. Won't lie. Checked out your channel bcuz of (zlbrad?) video. You and Cypho are hilarious but didn't realize you changed your voice on his videos. Sorry if I'm wrong. Much love and keep posting. You guys are fun and love the videos

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