Legit Hacking in Fortnite Battle Royale [Episode 1]

This hack has Player/Weapon ESP and Aimbot. It’s a really simple cheat, but works great. The aimbot is toggled with Mouse-2 and the ESP is always on. Hope you guys enjoy! The reason I’m using a free cheat is because Fortnite/Epic Games does not have an anti-cheat. I’m assuming Epic Games will add one eventually, but until then enjoy this.

Only reason you will get a ban is if you use a trash injector, buy the randomcheats private one. Don’t get a ban

If you are interested in downloading…


  1. How is this legit hacking u aiming at ppl through walls

  2. I have never ran into a hacker in Fortnite before I think I did it was most likely a guy that shot the other way and he killed me

  3. Wow you don’t do YouTube anymore get back on Minecraft and join buildteam flora

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