Let's Play GTA Online Drug Yacht Heist Mission: Series A – Coke on Xbox One

GTA Online Drug Yacht Heist Mission: we raid a drug yacht slash party boat in this GTA Online heist set-up mission on Xbox One, nicking bricks of coke for fun and profit. Subscribe for more GTA Online heisting:

The mission, titled ‘Coke’ is the first in the Series A heist, and requires two players board the yacht from a speedboat (Mike and Andy in the gameplay video above), while the other two players swoop in on a helicopter.

The Outside Xbox intern is, as…


  1. Think Jane was channeling Prudence and her thaumaturgy powers during this heist

  2. Reminding Andy about the re-breather incident, Jane is stone cold.
    That piece of flying, was absolutely incredible Mike.

  3. "Who said coke? Can I have coke?"
    I was fully expecting to hear Andy immediately "Pepsi ok?"

  4. That intern sucks balls. I hope he's seen this and feels bad about himself.

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  6. Mike grips the tumbler of scotch, and stares out the penthouse window, towards the coast. "All right, lady and gentleman. I know you've been waiting, we all have, but today's finally the day. We've put in the work, we've put in the research. We've practiced and prepared. We're armed and we're damn well dangerous. All that's left to do is go to that yacht, kill every last bastard on board, and–"
    Jane: "Oh my god, it's Tuesday! I totally thought it was 'Work-The-Legs Wednesday'. Is it all right if I just go dressed like this?"

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