LIVE Aimbot and ESP? This Guy Doesn't Care! | Apex Legends (Live Reaction)

So of course I’m minding my own business on stream and BOOM someone tell me about this guy streaming live walling and aimbotting. Be mindful it wasn’t the cheating that got to me (people do it ALL THE TIME) it was the celebrating. This is truly a sad time for pc gaming but it is very entertaining hope you like the video!

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  1. Well he was just demonstrating it to us. I am. His subscriber, and you will notice he never used it again in future streams

  2. I understand the distaste you have for this guy and cheaters, but ti does show that you have liked his stream as well.. Not sure if that was accidental, but you did.

  3. People who use aim bots and other cheats are the same type of people who play Madden on Rookie in Arcade mode and claim to be beasts on the sticks smh

  4. Do'nt trust the fake videos on Youtube so you don't fall for one of those survey scams. The one and only site that works for me is GameCrook.

  5. If your doing it for education purposes then do it in a private match with friends. Lol he was doing it to feel like u was actually good … loser

  6. Ofcourse a douchebag that does this online, would have a douchebag hat on, douchebag facial hair, a t shirt 10 sizes too big, and of course — douchebag headphones. He's the complete doucher.

  7. Imagine saying you put no effort into making the vid when it takes effort to even upload it. Who tf plays Apex Legends still? Much less spends all that effort in downloading and setting up cheats? That game died a year after it dropped. At least cheat in a relevant game. Not a child's game with cartoon graphics lmfao.

  8. Noob. You gives no effort to play the game. delete yourself.

  9. 90% of so call Pro Players Use Hacks. sad part is the subscribers pay for them !!!!!

  10. The only difference between this player cheating and other players streaming, is that his hack is blatant, while the others is hidden.

  11. C'mon guys, this guy put a lot of effort in this game he was fully focused with an adrenaline rush cant you see how excited he was? Honestly the last squad were good they almost had him, and the funny part beside the celebrating was the trash talking XD.. oh man this was just sad… I feel sorry for him.. hes the type of ppl who buy their way in he cant achieve shit by himself what a joke, can we burn such people alive so they dont breed again?

  12. You have to be a special kind of stupid to purposely stream cheating in a game to 2400 people.

  13. It ain't fun going against a hacker. This fucker prob got banned a million times already. I can take a death, but to kill me from cheats pisses me off. They're all over apex on pc now. You can tell, you can't even get to cover without getting beamed.

  14. Lol a combination of the guy that asked people to like sub and turn on post notis every 2 seconds and the hacker that thinks he’s genuinely amazing


  16. Sorry ass cheaters like this should be publicly whipped on national TV.

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