LOBA LAUNCH STREAM: Season 5 – Apex Legends

Loba Launch stream for Season 5 of Apex Legends as we try out all abilities, reunite JellyTagg and explore the NEW Skulltown!


  1. Y'know… I miss the old path hook…. But I can still use him, so it's not all bad…. That damn cooldowns rough, tho

  2. Loving all the metal on your channel, you must be a metalhead witch is really cool 🤘🤘🤘

  3. I doubt that after a year and a half of mirage being hot garbage that they'll nerf him, but whatever

  4. hey do you think the quality of gamers playing this game have jumped up everyone is like super hard to play now

  5. I don't like what they did to my main Pathfinder, that's too much of a cripple

  6. Maybe if when octane used his stims his team gained half the speed he gains, but that may be too much of a benefit

  7. Caustic Got a Buff for the first bullet point and got a Nerf for the second now he is trash!

  8. Your reaction to pathys massive nerf was the exact same as mine. Isnt it outragous. Love ya vids man, repping the gutter teir

  9. Is Jellytheplat really platinum tho 🤔🤔🤔

    Or does it stand for platypus

  10. You got to do revenant and loba match’s the dialogue gets mad personal

  11. fucking dwarf ass sounding big beirdo lookin ugly ass hat wearin looking like a fat poopoo

  12. Hey ragtag, I got to say your gameplay footage looks outstanding. I watch your videos to get hyped up to play.. then I go to my Xbox one and everything looks like dogshit. Blurry, I can't fucking see anyting, low FPS blah blah blah.
    I think I'm fucking done with console. I learn how to type last year (I'm generation X) and I fully feel like I have outgrown consoles, and probably did back in 1993. Without writing a novel would you be able to tell me what hardware you're running so I can go out and purchase that same shit???🙏 I would really like to upgrade thisweekend but I don't know where to start and I'm pretty sure somebody is going to take advantage of me not knowing much about PC's. Just the main shit, I can figure out the other stuff.

  13. Finally realized, Jelly's voice reminds me of Emily Blunt.

  14. Love the channel know your only having a laugh but those voices for the characters nah I didn't like it like I said I love the channel and your doing it for laughs but that part of the lore is supposed to be serious but your just having a laugh with it ….rag come on in future next quest comes out don't do a voice over for em just skip past it that made me cringe sooo hard legit nooo you did my caustic dirty aswell how could u just skip the rest of the lore bruh don't do the quests if your just gonna skip through it it's like you don't wanna know any lore about the game FS why rag… Love your content but this video made me cringe and rage seriously just don't do the quests if you don't wanna know the lore simple if you put a video out and it's on a quest nah I'm not watching it simple

  15. Everyone saying "RIP Zylbrad". Lol everyone knows what Zylbrad main is XD

  16. The "charge tower" fullly charges teh ult of ALL players standing on the platform when it releases it's blast. So you could potentally end up charging up enemies too

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