Loot From 1000 Apex Packs – BIGGEST APEX PACK OPENING EVER! [$900]

Apex Legends Moments: Loot From 1000 Apex Packs – BIGGEST APEX PACK OPENING EVER! [This Video Cost $900 to Make]
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  1. So I need to open 500 or more or I get luck you know that mean I need to be level 509 😟

  2. I was able to get 2 legendaries for Bangalore in the 1st day I started playing believe me

  3. I calculated how much it would cost to buy 1000 apex packs it is –
    AU $1195

  4. This dude: opens 1000 apex packs
    some other yt channel in the future after seeing this: opens 100,000 packs

  5. I got heirlooms on my 15th crate but at that time I didnt know what they were coz I was new to this game lmao

  6. My friend at school got wraiths heirloom on the second week of apex coming out he got it on his 24 packs like

  7. Im gonna spend all of my 250 dollars on apex packs hoping I get wraiths heirloom for christmas.

  8. EA is just trash man.. these packs are straight garbage, iam nearly lvl 400 and haven’t got a fucking heirloom

  9. If he got a heirloom though he has six hundred something packs left, and if your guranteed a heirloom after having 500 packs opened wouldnt that mean he is gonna get another heirloom.

  10. If he doesnt get heirloom from opening all these packs i swear then apex hates this person if he doesnt get a heirloom after opening all these packs

  11. If you get a legendary your probably gonna get banners or wepons skins and if it's a Finsher it's more likely to be bloodhound's 2nd finisher

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