Los Santos "The Hood" (Short Film) – GTA 5 PS4 @Rockstargames

GTA 5 PS4 – Los Santos “The Hood”

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This video contains:
GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay
GTA 5 PS4 Funny Moments
GTA 5 PS4 Funnies
GTA 5 Next Gen Gameplay
GTA 5 First Person Gameplay
GTA 5 First Person Combat

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  1. this is nice, very creative, can you check my edit out and tell me what you think

  2. Oook Dave. That's smooth. Considering the fact that it brings back memories of my childhood in Chicago

  3. Really great editing of video, man.  You put it together really well, especially that badass opening

  4. I'm old school. I understood and felt every verse. I'm definitely feeling that verse. You better be home before the street light is on or you get your ass whooped and that's final. So true. (€¿€)

  5. Yooo Dave wat is the exact song name? I went to the link couldn't find it 

  6. This is so dope im from the west coast san diego, ca and I love the beat this is so west coast and I love it real talk

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