Losing to the Most Obvious Hacker in Ranked? – Apex Legends

Some of the most obvious cheating I’ve seen in Apex Legends to date. Seriously, is this guy trying to get banned?! Let me know if you’ve encountered any blatant cheaters like this in your own games! Leave a like if you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching!

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  5. I played a ranked match on PS4 and a Pathfinder melted me with an R99 so I decided to spec him and he had almost 20 kills so he was obviously hacking

  6. Did you play in the first few months of Apex? There was cheaters as bad and much worse than just walls and aimbot.

  7. he's not cheating stop blaming people for cheating when you all are trash its his gaming chair

  8. Nah he’s not cheating he’s the best player I’ve ever seen, literally the Rambo of apex who agrees who’s with me ??!!

  9. You are silver imagine im diamond 4 and i finds hackers i can't get rid of it

  10. Honestly, these hackers are making the gaming experience for me not want to play anymore.

  11. Trust….. it's ALWAYS Octanes! Be VERY suspicious of any Octane you come across

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