LUCKY vs GOD vs CHEATER – NEW Funny & Epic Moments | Apex Legends Montage #102

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage: LUCKY vs GOD vs CHEATER – NEW Apex Legends Funny Epic Moments #102
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  1. Yo the first clip happened to me but my teammates were down I was using a shotgun

  2. U keep on saying same thing over n over for ur commentary.. 😑just let us watch the damn vids..

  3. Can you not increase field of view on console or something, feels like some of these players play with binoculars aha

  4. No god but Allah

    Islam way for peace

    Search about the truth with honest heart

    And ask Allah to find the right way

  5. What is in octanes seringe personally i thing he injecting mnt dew directly into his arm

  6. The first hacker clip wasn’t even a hacker.. was just a smurf probably with decent aim. You can tell because he missed about half his shots.

  7. I hate hackers too but I'd love to see a compilation of epic cheaters videos like in this one.

  8. If you hate hackers so much why do you give them so much attention? Blur their name or better yet, just dont show them at all. Idc what kind of play a hacker makes hes a fucking hacker. Cause all you're doing is giving them more reason to do it with the hope of getting on your channel or someone else's. It's kinda suspect honestly all the attention you give them. Like maybe if you showed hackers that have no skill and died I could maybe understand. But only once in a while. But you're showing them win and shit

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