Make Phone Triggers Using Popsicles (L1R1 – PUBG/Fortnite/ROS)

Using some office supplies, let’s build a pair of L1-R1 Trigger Buttons for your phone. It works with any touchscreen phone and with games like PUBG Mobile, Rules of Survival (ROS), Knives Out, Fortnite Mobile and etc…
My 3D Printed Version Video Tutorial:

3D Printing Files (Link: )
3D Printing Settings For ABS Filament (2:57)
Things You’ll Need:
– Aluminum Foil


  1. I dont get how it works, like how why doesnt it activate when its already in contact with with the screen , and why does it only activate when u contact the foil with the foil strip

  2. I would have to go buy popsicles so I'm just gonna buy the official product for $4 xD lovely how to though

  3. Let me assume you’re Filipino because your voice and how you speak English, actually shows that you are/probably a Filipino

  4. But.. Super glue already dries within 5 seconds.. 🤨, that's kind of the point of super glue..

  5. fake afff I did exactly what's in here. didn't work pfft just a waste of time tsk

  6. Just discovered your channel this week & was surprised you aren’t more well known! You do some amazing work – very creative & handy. I’m in the process of making these triggers rn, but plan on bedazzling it lol. Thank you for the help & keep up the great work!

  7. Help! Mine was not working if i attach the trigger it will hold touch on my phone even if im not touching the trigger (my phone was samsung note 3 for somehow manage to survived)

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