Make Your Pump Hit For *200* EVERY Time! – Fortnite Aim Tips & Tricks!

Raider464’s Aim Duel Map: 8595-7789-7339

In this video, I talk about some tips and tricks to improve your shotgun aim and hit for 200 damage every single time. I got the idea for this video after tons of you guys requested a guide on how to improve your shotgun aim, and since I used to struggle with it a lot myself, I thought this would be the perfect aim improvement video to make. These tips are ones that I have used myself, as well as pro tips from top tier pro players like Saf, COOLER…


  1. #1 tip: switch to controller

    #2 tip: abuse people with smg

    Who needs shotgun aim anyway

  2. Hey Jerian I know I’m a bit late to this video but this video help me out so much now I can only hit over 120 damage thanks for the tips 😉

  3. Me when I started: when my friend kills me "Your so lucky"
    when I hit the shot: and kill my friend "you just got shit on"

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