Meet 60fpswithadream – Is He CHEATING!? (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

In this video, I discuss competitive console Fortnite player, 60fpswithadream. He is the highest-earning console Fortnite player in the world. He has recently made headlines with his impressive performances in the Fortnite Platform Cash Cups. In the past couple of days, 60fpswithadream has been accused of using an ELO glitch in order to win these tournaments. I address the validity of these allegations and his strategy used to win.

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  1. A bit weird that if he plays on Asia he can still come in top 100

  2. Its obvious that his game sense is just too good, i don’t believe he is up to anything suspicious especially being on console

  3. all he does is jump in boxes lmao he isn’t smart and his mechanics fucking suck

  4. Honestly I’d dust him in a 1v1 his mechanics arnt the best but I’d kill to have his game sense and IQ honestly that’s more important it’s actually insane how big his brain is

  5. Honestly his mechanics are kinda ass but his game sense is off the charts to be honest and in comp fortnite that can take you far

  6. Then how did he come first in fncs finals duos and there was storm surge in winter Royale clip

  7. he admitted to elo in winter royale, there is no chance you have 120 points and have that bad of players in your lobby, so yes he said he did in winter royale

  8. He ain’t elo glitching because the lobby he is in had storm serge there would be like 2 kids in that circle

  9. Eu ps4 players are bad I dropped 26 kills and I’m a East player

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