In this video we interview the #1 bangalore on console for most kills on this legend in apex legends. Gate Relentless has over 73,000 kills with bangalore and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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  1. This guys getting strafed out of his socks if he runs into me😂 there’s only room for one bang round these parts

  2. Good player for sure but not as good as Bowlesy89

  3. Yo me and him have been friends since season 4 after I squad wiped his team solo, and I never realized that he was the number 1 Bangalore until about a week ago.

  4. Question 1 gate why do you join posts saying 15 year old girl looking for a boyfriend when you're a grown man??

  5. People who I play with always speaking on gate name, “I killed gate” or “gates toxic” like bro you don’t even know the guy stop capping lol😂

  6. Lol gate is not that good he makes bang look like a caustic some slow fat boy movement even his aim is bang average

  7. is there a way to turn on that effect on pc? where the enemy turn red when you hit them? or its console/xbox exclusive?

  8. He’s not number one on console abusinge2 is with over 111000 killes with mirage

  9. I’ve played with him yesterday and in one week mans got 3k kills 😬 I can barely get 12

  10. This guys plays 12-16 hours a day and still need breaks lmao some clowns . I work 12/7 and my break is this game .

  11. I was in a lobby with a pathfinder that had 28k kills just from season 5

  12. No kings canyon sucks, the new changes to it this season is trash, the map is small so more 3rd parties especially on trios, and the loot is terrible.

  13. Bruh how do yall go over 1000 kills per character without getting hella bored of that character

  14. DUDE!! how do guys have this amount of time in a day to game?? i mean i spend like 2-3 hours a day maybe.. after i work 12hr days lol… no wonder i suk compared to yall haha…

  15. It was such a pleasure playing with my guy sweatband hope to see everyone in his and my stream soon <3

  16. on ps4 i got queued with a bangalore who had almost 13k kills, now this is just insane

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