MINI-14 GUIDE – Why should you use it? (+Secret Burst Trick) – PUBG

The Mini-14 is a dream to use and this video will tell you why

It just makes me happy by Dj Quads


  1. Just noticed I say "level 3 helmet and level 2 vest" when I talk about damage of the SKS, SLR and mini. What I mean is Level 2 helmet and level 3 vest (This is the data that is shown on screen too) <3

  2. i noticed that when i switched from a 130g to a 60g mouse, i got more precise and my spray improved, but the one thing that suffered is my tap firing of dmrs at long range. like i lost a lot of accuracy because im not used to pulling down a lighter mouse every tap, its very unstable. anyone else have similar situation?

  3. I didn’t know that a 556 weapon with the bout the same barrel length as the M4 had a smaller bullet drop.

  4. I wanna learn how to do that peak n fire can you do a video? I've tried but I dont know what I'm not doing

  5. I get killed often by a mini-14, so it probably is a good gun. Think about what weapons kill you a lot, and pick those up.

  6. Wheres the breakpoints tho where the average player will most likely get over run. Position and ranged efficiency?

  7. Today why you should use mini 14
    Many months later why you shouldn't use mini 14
    Me. Madarpaker

  8. When ever i get this gun (in pubg mobile) i use it with a 3x for mid and close range gun because i can click fast enough 😛

  9. Wacky: reason why u should use Mini in PUBG

    Me: Watching this video and turn on PUBG

    Me: Pick up Mini and died from another freakin good Kar98k shooting sniper.

    #98/99 ㅇㅅㅇ;;;;;

  10. Dude I've seen your guides today… they're fucking insane.Great job. You have a new subscriber now.

  11. If you're good at single fire m16 at close range you can swap it for the mini

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