Mongraal | AIM ASSIST IS CHEATING? (Fortnite Battle Royale Controller Win!)

Do you think aim assist is to overpowered? Let me know in the comments! ▻ Watch me play live! ▻ Want to see more? Check my …


  1. Oh!, What? CONTROLLER PLAYER! L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-L2-R2-

  2. How real controller players play: hold l2 and tap fire

    How mongraal plays controller: abuses l2🤣

  3. I am a controller player, but most of us probably are aswell, like this if you dont spam L2

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