More Hackers Ruining Apex Legends!!!

Apex Legends Daily Funny Moments and Epic Clips




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  1. You can always tell whos a salty shitter. They have never beamed anyone. Sometimes i dont miss a shot with the r99 sometimes i miss every shot like a shitter. Yall would call me a hacker the moments i dont miss any shots causr yall are stupid

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  11. Diddnt watch this video. There is No need, Apex is full of Wallers and aimbotters.. :))

  12. I dont know if some people support these hacker/cheater or just didnt want to see it. The aimbot bullet curve to the the target when they shoot while aiming. Hip shot doesn't do much but it takes effect when they were aiming. There's this invisible circle where if the target are within it, the bullet tracks it.
    Some have tracker, which can see where the target is eventho they were behind walls.
    Some have fast tactical recharge or Ult recharge.
    These are the cheat I've seen people been using while spectating.
    Spectating these player doesn't show the cheat interface. Only the player sees them on their monitor…

  13. Many of these dudes weren't even hacking and were just good at the game

  14. I bet, many pros uses… some tricks…. maybe xim apex or similar. I bet some of them uses even aimbot. Anyway too many cheaters are palying apex this period and it is annoying.

  15. Okay some of these clips are not aimbotin fact most of these clips these people aren't cheating 90% of the streamers on this list are just complaining because they got kill I do not cheat I do not like cheaters and i aim like that I've killed multiple people in Apex with one shot from a charge rifle you can do it it's cold skills it's called skill

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