MOST KILLS on Apex Legends (TTXTR) – Ranked Gameplay Season 4 – Apex Legends

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Playing with the #1 most kill on Apex Legends PS4

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  1. Unfortunately you cannot hear my teammates cuz of the settings. 🙁

    Happy 🐣 Easter

  2. I only ran into him twice and i killed him twice but he is still better than me

  3. Iam subscribed him from his journey start he is Arabic and am Arabic have screen shot for him champion on my game

  4. Please don't like a video or subscribe to his channel please. That guy and his two friends were trolling in COD on search and destroy. They just chilled in the base and were shooting at each other. Those guy's are trolls and after I told them to leave the game, if they don't wanna play, they started to get racist and called me a German prick and insulted my mom.

  5. Yonko why do u play on that field of view? Trust this setting is so bad
    I advise u to raise it up to 110 it will be better

  6. Bruh everyone knows he farms bot lobby whenever he isnt streaming so 80k out of his 87k is from killing bots 👍👍💯🔥💯


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