My First GTA 5 Video! (GTA 5 Free Roam Gameplay)

My First GTA 5 Gameplay Video! Enjoy! 😀
● Can this video get 300 LIKES?! ●

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  1. Can't anyone just shut the fuck up while reviewing the game?? morons!

  2. sweet happy to see some gta.   how did you make most ur money?   any stock market play?

  3. Just play with friends and mess around lol. Make a funny moments video. I'm making my first Gta5 video right now and it will be out in a couple of weeks.

  4. @luis guerron I haven't been on XBL today, so I'm not sure.

  5. Lol that seems like a good trade u taught us how to be better in cod and we could do vice versa for u in gta BTW keep up the awesome vids thx

  6. @18agerap Well.. this was on 360, so I'm not sure if it lags really lags on PS3, but if it does that sucks! 🙁

  7. I don't get it. It lags so much on ps3 and there's no gta 5 to play on a good computer. So we like HAVE to play laggy gta5 🙁

  8. Ooo bitch slapped out of the car hhaha great vid I like that chrom car gta looks pretty sick I like different games makes your channel that much cooler

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