My First Time Dying To A *SPEED HACKER* In Apex Legends…Then Spectating Them!

Hackers are here in Apex Legends, and whether you’ve seen a speed hacker before, or have never had this happen to you – let’s talk about the issues and some of the hurdles in fixing this problem. What should Respawn do about Hackers? Is it getting worse, or better? Will there ever be a perfect solution? Have any more ideas? Hit me up in the comments! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! Instagram ► | Twitter: |…


  1. Imagine if he was octane and had unlimited bounce pads lmao

  2. Love your content raynday using your tips from your videos allowed me to get into plat and now I'm close to diamond

  3. I would love to see a better training arena in the future and fix the code leaf and error problems. But other then those 2 things I think this game has a verry bright future and will continue to grow as long as they continue with map changes, new guns, and legendary gun rotations throughout new seasons. Cant wait to hear what you have to say though.!!!

    Side note: Hackers are the only reason I DON'T WANT cross platform yet. I've seen verry little hackers on console and enjoy it that way, not saying there isn't hackers on platform, but I dont believe I've come across one yet.

  4. Looking back at this now, I am really glad that speed hack is no longer a thing. The aimbot is still a problem though

  5. I actually Seen This Guy Yesterday and it Looked Like a Lighting Bolt. We Manage To Kill Him. We Shot Where We Felt He was going to Be In 5 Seconds Not At Him. It Took 3 of us. But Yes They Should Actually Ban IP Address. And Maybe Sony Or Whatever Platform Ban All The Games That He Plays. Also Alert The IP Provider That This Address Is A Known Hacker Make Him Cry

  6. I will tell you what I did. as much as I enjoyed PC gaming , I gave up due to those cheaters and moved to console . never going back. and doing my best not to play cross-platform games.

  7. Hacking sucks because you dont play within the confines of the game its horrible bunch of cheaters cant even play the normal way cause they most likely suck

  8. How cool would it be if they added an arcade mode similar to Overwatch with modifiers for speed and gravity in custom games etc? That could be really cool, I'd like to play a game where everybody can move like this, it would be a lot of fun!

  9. I said this before. I’ve been playing apex on PS4 since it’s came out and it was super fun, still is sometimes – but these cheaters are taking all the enjoyment away from the game.

    I’m not the best apex player by any means but I’m not trash either. Over the past month I can’t land anywhere without getting lasered. It’s ridiculous

  10. There shouldn’t be any limitations or restrictions on bans. If a player chooses to use hacks, they should be prepared to lose it all.

  11. Is no need for hacks I mean I kinda suck at this game but would never hack just to be better cause where is the fun in getting better

  12. for me i cant stand this game with the hackers cause its hard as to hacking in general well pc gaming has always had clever users who "edit" the rules so im conflicted a bit .just leave the multiplayers alone and hack away at tje single player ones as it sucks all the pleasure outta a well played game to be desimated by some cheater.just my 2 cents

  13. I'm beginning to hate it now because of this problem i play on ps4 and they hack on console aswell and you can feel the game got harder lately i mean you can notice this when one of ur random teammates sometimes just go wandering off alone killing squads like it was nothing in seconds and at first i tought wow how good till i heared the news of hacking im just hoping that respawn can do something about it on pc and console and can ban them forever from the game i dont care if they paid money or not,cheating is cheating but its useless if they can do another account and play again they should find some other way on banning hackers once and for all

  14. I have a friend that hacks every once In a while just for fun like he makes himself shoot rainbows or puts lifelines skins on pathfinder he doesn't use aim bot or wall hacks he does it just for the laughs

  15. hackers are so bad i dont even enjoy pc gaming anymore; pubg ruined, apex ruined, fortnite, even with siege's improved bans it still gets nasty sometimes too.

  16. Hacking makes the game boring because whats the sense of playing a game with no challenge?

  17. Punish them by letting them move slower ive seen other games punish hackers with ingame trolling

  18. On games false-banning – Look no further than Ring of Elysium!

    Now, it's a free-to-play game, very simple and fun – Had a serious hacker problem
    In an attempt to rectify it, Tencent has banned basically their entire playerbase. 140,000 players banned – On a game that averages 30,000 players a week, on a good week

    I was one of those banned – I had bought the season pass, 3 seasons in a row, spent good money on skins and everything else, bought the Founders Pack
    I was banned by way of user reports – I appealed this ban around 4 months ago, still heard nothing back. My account is "temporarily" banned until 2029

    Guess Apex is my main BR now

  19. Dont hack peeps I used to suck then I got better then the other day I got a 10 kill clutch win and winning like that feels good I screamed f yea let's go my team died and I helped them save a win and it feels awesome work hard for it peeps don't hack

  20. New weapons or possibly a mod specifically to make the Mozambique a descent weapon, new maps possibly weather effects

  21. Its not illegal to Ban people in pay2play people when you Install the Game you Accept there Terms. So break there Rules lose your Money

  22. They also need an easy way to report hacker on consoles or to report issues there is no way to do it now

  23. Apex needs to have free premium currency and a p.v.e mode something to play when your not wanting to play battle royal but still play apex and last but not least get better servers EA all games that EA has start off good but fall short as time goes by (all NHL games)

  24. Hackers need to be shut down this is why I like them not doing cross play I play on console and is hard to hack on it

  25. I play console and I have never heard of hackers on them. But if there are hackers, they should be banned permanently. They ruin the game for everyone.

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