My Issues with Apex Legends

Fanboys Beware – Opinions Incoming

Apex Legends :

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  1. Wait, did you actually expect game journalists to critique the game for its toxic fanbase and overall game experience?

  2. i can run off by myself but im good enough to survive. the only reason i dont is because usually my team dies. so when i do go off byself i try to stay within 600 feet

  3. My biggest issue with apex is we are forced to play triples. They need a solo, duo and quads mode. I can tell you how many times I have lost a match cause I got stuck with morons for teammates

  4. My issue is that the ranking system doesn't really have a low rank since everyone in the low ranks is still very good.

  5. Its what you’d get if you took Titanfall 2 and stripped it of everything that made it good, put it in a blender with Overwatch and used whatever abomination came out to create a sub par battle royal game

  6. SyberBolt: I want an open conversation
    Also SyberBolt: By the way I'm really good at the game and all console players are stupid

  7. Problem number 1: I can't even install that damn Origin thing.
    Problem number 2: Now that I have installed Origin the game wont installed.
    Problem number 3: Now that I have install Apex Legends the game wont start properly.
    Problem number 4: That's it I continue play my gay ass fortnite.

  8. Don't get me started on the idiots on console. Dropping solo. Die. I'm alone. Then I die. Horrible.

  9. Apex has a few problems. One major one is that if you have a 2v1 or more situation, good luck winning that. It's possible but most of the time you will not. This is because of the majority of guns suck shit with recoil and the amount of shields and how long it takes to heal is way too short. And the overall time to kill is stupidly long because of this. It's overhyped just because it's free and it's from the Titanfall family

  10. Probably the only reason why I have been turned off this game is because I have a really aggressive playstyle and I love to frag out by jumping into the middle of teams and destroying them (or dying to my own fault) but in Apex that isn't the case at all, I played as a bloodhound/lifeline character all the way until level 20 this is when I started to get bored by the same old gameplay (Getting jumped by squads of 3 and having nothing to protect yourself with) and I watched a pathfinder tutorial on his abilities and found out just the sheer amount of mobility that you get from his grapple, so being the aggressive player I am decided that I was sick of getting jumped and ambushed so I tried to just jump straight into the enemies and frag out once or twice with my pretty good aim and newfound grapple hook knowledge to find that whenever I went into a team either my gun ran out of ammo or the guns DPS was to low to even kill all of them before a Gibraltar with a mozambique killed me. In summary, what turned me off the game was the lack of individual plays (unless you are shroud) and repetitive playstyles that win games.

  11. I do if it was the head bobbing or my fps but I got motion sick playing it, couldn't make out anyone because if I would quickly turn my focus it would blur (or just low fps, I couldn't tell) disappointing but oh well

  12. well one thing is complaining about the game's issues another different thing is crying like a little baby over dumb stuff.

    Still you are right with most of the things in the video.

  13. First time I watched this video, I thought you were just having a whine, but after 2 weeks of playing it myself, I have to agree with every point you made. Another thing that shits me is the RNG, the amount of times I've died in the first 30 seconds because I couldn't find a gun, or I was unlucky enough to only find a Mozambique is really getting old. At this point the game just feels like a slot machine.

  14. There always gonna be dumb cunts playing free games if you don’t have friends to squad up with that’s your fault

  15. My issue is that when I start shooting at a enemy, my character randomly punches. It can get really annoying. I play on a PS4. Does anybody has a solution to this? If you do can you plz let me know.

  16. You probably shouldn’t call people brain dead or retarded kind of make you seem dumb also making suicide jokes isn’t funny.

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