My Secret To High Kills With The Sentinel Sniper Rifle (Apex Legends Season 4)

After ALOT of high kill wins with the Sentinel, this is what i learned to get consistent high kill games in apex legends season 4.

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  1. What do you guys think about the sentinel, any buffs or nerfs you think it needs?

  2. Try to use babypowder
    I use it in the gym if i start sweating too much

  3. Sentinel is my least fav as ot doesent pack the punch as triple take with a choke

  4. Who else thinks the sentinel has a very satisfying sound by its self, but yet with a batt it just makes it THAT much better

  5. I'm straight-up garbage at sniping, but the sentinel is op for quick scoping. I love quick scoping, but only with the kraber or sentinel.

  6. I didn’t know people struggled with gamer sweat hands like me until you said you did too

  7. Lol I would just like to point out that every single shot while the weapon was charged with a battery, would have had the same outcome without being charged

  8. Release a new weapon that requires batteries to be fully effective. A couple weeks later reduce battery stacks. Wtf.

  9. The strategy is great, and if you play your cards right doing it then you start with and advantage 9/10, however, the wingman fulfills a very similar role, but generally better.

  10. get rid of sweaty hands permanently : exercise regularly, avoid nicotine and caffeine. you should be good

  11. Been following you for a while bro and implementing your tips to my gameplay on Apex even though im on Console your tips have helped improve my overall game on Apex as well as my confidence appreciate it Keep it up Bro 👍❤️

  12. at 9:04 he glides back from a non sprint motion. can i get a guide w this movement, or a quick explanation pls

  13. Thnx quake my fav load out is sentinel
    Wing man is it possible for you make a wingman guide specifically for control, just because you give the best guides ever. really appreciate you

  14. I just use baby powder. Goes a super long way. As long as you don’t mind the baby powder marks everywhere.

  15. That may be good and all but when you cant hit shots no matter what you're basicly left with one weapon and no shield batteries

  16. Please tell me the current meta!!! Prowler? Sentinel? Are these part of the equation???

  17. This video was a blessing when stuck on: "Get 10 knockdowns with a sentinel" challenge

  18. Question: Have the QuakeV some page or video guide with his videoconfig file and video setting?

  19. Dude the hand sweat thing is the same for me it’s insane. But I’ve never tried any products

  20. Try talc powder for dry hands. Thanks for the video too. This tactic sounds like it makes way more sense than traditional sniping with sentinel

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