My settings for Season 3 – APEX LEGENDS PS4

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  1. I am a German Player
    My inglish is not good
    You are a wery good player and your Videos have help me!
    Thank you.

  2. One of the most underrated youtubers. I just watched your 20 kill game with wraith. I was truley amazed at your skill. Good job 9(@^v^@)6 ps: I never knew you played claw OwO

  3. Great videos, great content. My very first game with the new settings I doubled my average kills and took my squad to victory. Thanks

  4. Turn off your look deadzone! It makes controlling recoil a little bit easier. I lazer people farther away with the 99 now

  5. How is your game so smooth on ps4 my framerate is bad in certain spots

  6. Hi bro what sensitivity would u recommend for me , im using 4,3 is that a bad idea ? Im still confused but im ready to practice any sensitivity tho, i need help pls thanks !

  7. I can't find the perfect sensitivity for me,I mean seriously I've been watching video after videos after videos of sensitivity guide but Nono of them works

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