My Setup for Recording with Internal Sound | PUBG MOBILE | Android | One Plus 5

Watch gameplay and enjoy
Device – One Plus 5
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Team members are on IPad
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  1. bro my voice is recorded by audacity but my internal audio is not recording with android screen recorder app;

    plz help me guys!

  2. Hey which type of aux are you using? Trrs or Trs? I mean whether it has two lines or three?

  3. Bro after recording everything how can we get all things in one video together .How to upload it on youtube?

  4. Aur ye voice recording kidhar store hoga? Pc mein ya mobile mein?

  5. 1:15 bhai ye wala aux microphone mein dalu ya speaker mein? Pc mein do input hai

  6. Thora giyan Kam hai bhai KOYI bataega apna sound record na karna pare issliye Kiya karna padega sirf teammates Ko hi awaj mile
    Edited Casetoo ki tarah

  7. also if you use a screen recorder on the phone you are no longer able to speak with your friends ……???

  8. Another doubt I have is that my earphones jack us fucked,I gave one plus 5 myself. Can I use the charging port as an audio splitter and do the same that you have done here ?

  9. I have also same device but mera nahi hora hai bhai can you please help me ?

  10. can you hear surround sound in pubg…cause i use the same setup but i dont hear the direction of footstep

  11. Aux cable, Audio splitter….aur ek chiz chahiye bhai. Ek changga sa laptop bhi jo sbhi k paas nahi hota 😂

  12. Bhai thanks alot, you are literally like a good to me right now, Bas ek baat aur bata de ki agar sirf in game audio(not conversation with teammates) karna h to bas earphone na lagaun baki sab steps to same honge, right?

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