Never lag again!! On Phone / Tablet / Console / WiFi (Fortnite, PUBG / Any Game)

Never lag again!! On Phone / Tablet / Console / WiFi (Fortnite, PUBG / Any Game)

This video will demonstrate how to have a smooth game play experience on your iOS / Android devices, so you can be at the top of your game!

For those whom have Xfinity / Comcast – This video should help you out with WiFi problems!

For those whom have CenturyLink / Qwest – This video should help you out with WiFi…


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  2. Thats why!.. i thought people nearby my connection wad hacking me becouse i myself hack wifi with just 1 tap

  3. Sometimes my whole family is on the internet and I can barely play call of duty

  4. Bro u suck……. U COULD HAVE MADE THIS VIDEO 4 MINIUTES I don’t care about the fucking system JUST SHOW ME HOW TO MAKE IT NOT SLOW

  5. When I lag, it exits me out of the whole game and I return to my stupid home screen it’s very annoying

  6. One big happy family XD the only one will be happy is you

  7. My connection to my wifi network keeps disconnecting on my iPhone at random times but this doesn’t happen on my pc or android phone when I’m on lte the internet works fine without disconnecting issues

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