*NEW ABILITIES!* Mirage got completely REWORKED (Season 5 Apex Legends)

►Mirage recently got a massive rework in Apex Legends! He’s so fun to use now!

Punch –
Ninjayla –
Cue –
Kobi –

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►Come watch me…


  1. that mirage skin/ i wanted it so much / but i couldn't bought it cus im from Iran and it was expensive for me ( like 10 days of my job payments ) when it gone from store , i cried like little baby and said damn to me and my country for three days / i still don't have this skin

  2. If anyone’s looking at the comments I want you to see if how I use him is good so when I use my ult I go one way than I do like a 180 and go the other way and normally the guy that’s chasing doesn’t realize unless it’s a sweaty tub wtaith

  3. I don't know what do you think @kandyrew why do you think the devs took out mirages invisibility cloak in his ult?

  4. Haven't really played apex since season 1, played a bit in s3 but only like 25 games. And now that i am back mirage is my favorite along with duo's which makes it easier for "solo" players to win

  5. The punch Boi’s voice is elegant not yours

  6. Oh no kandy is now playing with an even bigger tryhard than pawner he might be a lost cause

  7. Love your vids and the vibe and everything really.

    But, please improve your thumbnails. Low quality and not appealing at all. I had to double check if it was you..

  8. I thought I was like the only one to fw that armor strat it be too many blues and purps end game to not take advantage lmao

  9. Glad mirage actually has a viable legend ability like most other legends it makes shooting at him in general a gamble

  10. People be missing the Gold Loot in the water where the Leviathan foot use to be. Kandy walked over a gold knockdown.

  11. Anyone else yelling at their screen in the first game for kandy to use his ult? 😂😂😂

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