New best Sensitivity!? My Settings for Season 7! (Apex Legends Controller)

Best settings for Apex Legends Season 7

Full settings video!

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  1. Estates and Hammond Labs are the two big spots. Probably either Red Roof or Gardens for the 3rd.

  2. Its the same for pc for me , i play with a mouse and my mouse is at 600dpi, ingame sens is 2.5 for better flicks and ADS is at 0.5 so i can aim perfectly on head .

  3. I love your streams and I was wondering if I could play a fu games

  4. You have response curve on "classic" here, but in the other video it was on "linear". Which do you find better and why? You have almost 0 recoil when shooting in distance and I really want to know how. Please answer if you read this! Thank you.

  5. I play 4-4, my hip fire goes all over the place if it’s any higher 😳

  6. Do not use this sensitivity😂, this is a pub stars settings, and I wiped this guys squad 1v3

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