*NEW* BLOODHOUND BUFF IS BROKEN!?! – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #252

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage: *NEW* BLOODHOUND BUFF IS BROKEN!?! – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #252
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  1. Bloodhound is N/b.. that’s they/them pronouns as used by the developers in the devstream you featured.

  2. I still can't believe I got such a sick headshot snipe on that 2nd clip though

  3. Speaking of bloodhound there is a glitch where once you are responed and if the ultimate is still active after being killed everything is colorless which means black and white forever that screwed me over i couldn't see!

  4. apex on console is soooo boring to watch god how can you tell if someone is good on console they dont even fight they walk and and hip fire dgo back to fornite lol

  5. I'm actually considering it I went off with him last night In the new mode. He/she is nastu

  6. I'm happy about the Bloodhound buff, the amount of times I've scanned, it came up with no hostile then there was somebody right in front of me

  7. Blood hound is non binary so they use they/them pronouns

    It's not hard to call them by there correct pronouns

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