*New* Boost Linear Aim Assist By Changing Deadzones (Best Fortnite Settings)

You can boost linear aim assist by just changing the deadzone settings on linear settings. By lowering the right deadzone to the lowest possible, this increases your tracking aim assist in pretty much every situation. This will boost your aim assist and aim in close quarters while using controller.

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  1. Someone plz help me. On my controller it’s not letting me switch to the right joystick to change it. Some plz help!

  2. Xbox Elite Controller:
    >Put Fortnite Deadzone to as low as can go
    >Raise Controller Deadzone to Cancel it out
    >Aimbot and get flammed on Twitter.

  3. Handy tip know but look how close you have to be lol , the aim assist on legacy was so much better , when I first played it I was like wow it feels great to play , but I've sinced changes my settings to linear and hmm not as much fun to play , pc players have an advantage over console anyway so why did it matter if console players have a little assist too . Probably won't play much more , I'll give it another week or so but my aim is so bad now . I've tried expo settings and it's ok but still not the same .

  4. If I lower my deadzone my screen is moving without me touching the thumb stick haha probably me controllers a bit broken. I have a scuf to btw so idont know

  5. Delete the video
    Epic will fix this and than fortnite will be dead and no more fun for good controller player

  6. I heard that only works if your playing controller on PC. Does it work for console also?

  7. Does this work on console. By console I mean console not controller on pc. Console.
    I been off for 3 months and when I box fight i notice people are beaming me and tracking me when I jump over their heads without missing shots.

    Or are PC and console lobbies merged now

  8. Yo to be honest you would be so much better just switching to keyboard and mouse

  9. That doesn’t do the close range jumping thing u showed in the beginning for me…never did…overall aim assist is pretty good on linear but I never had it that sticky ..idk why

  10. I feel like up close my linear aim assist slows down more when I try turning and flicking on someone

  11. “Little tiny bit of drift” my piece of shit Xbox controller literally does 180’s on its on on anything lower then .10

  12. For those with linear, have you had that glitch where you don't get any aim assist with linear? If so, can you show me how you fixed it?
    (I'm on switch btw)

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