*NEW* Chapter 2 BATTLEPASS In Fortnite! (100% Unlocked)

Today we go over the Chapter 2 Season 1 Battle Pass! (its epic)
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  1. That spray called A.L.T.E.R was a hint for shadow in chapter 2 season 2 which is this current season

  2. Lachy: says theres more stuff in this battle pass

    Me, an intellectual: theres actually less than the chapter one battle pass

  3. I just realized that remedy has a ghost shirt
    same with 8-ball.
    Fusion has a shadow logo on his armour

  4. Lachy is trying hit 10 min >:(

    Sorry kids who is a fan of Lachlan but he’s never gonna care about his fan

  5. him saying “chick” instead of “chic” irked something in my SOUL

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