Fortnite Season 5 GLITCHES – Glitch spots, Unlimited XP + MORE
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Today we’ll be watching the BEST GLITCHES in Fortnite! These glitches will include best tips and tricks that are the BEST GLITCHES in Fortnite! The GLITCHES in Fortnite are from Chapter 2 Season 5 – So the BEST GLITCHES from NEW Fortnite!

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  1. There are so many scam Fortnite follower generators, I cannot believe people really fall for those tricks. The only site that is working is Forthax0r, tried and tested. I found it on Google.

  2. Sounds like Ali-a is saying leave a thumbs up if you wanna get banned in fortnite

  3. I bought star wand using ur code in the item store and the battle pass and the Dimond diva pack

  4. The truck glitch u can pickaxe it it’s the same thing damage u can shoot it to

  5. that slurp truck glich is fake you can picaxe it and it will do the same thaing

  6. When I went up to the zero point there was a llama on top. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. new secret at misty medows there is a safe with 100 gold in it search all the houses and under the stairs

  8. Youtube comments are so spamy these days. There is way too many bots. I wasted hours of my life using all sorts of websites from the comments and not a single one worked. I did find a Youtube video about a website called Forthax0r. That one did work to my surprise. I found it on Google.

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