New Fortnite Ranked Mode for 50,000 VBucks! – Fortnite Solo Showdown Gameplay

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  1. hey murksman, do you think its a good strat to hide in a tree if you if you were going to camp it out?

  2. Cooles Video gefällt uns, mach weiter so 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? würden uns freuen. Ein like hast du sicher von uns 😎

  3. Cooles Video gefällt uns, mach weiter so 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? wäre klasse. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎

  4. Cooles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden 💪 Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei wäre klasse. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎

  5. BTW if players get 50 wins the kills they get is the tie bracker for the 50,000 vbucks

  6. I played this mode once not expecting it to be serious and hard but my god some players are good in this mode, luckily I ended up winning with 10 kills

  7. “She’s really scared of me” but you were avoiding her too 😭 she was just playing the same strategy you were

  8. In the dance room destroy the chairs they give 4-5 metal per piece and 1 hit also like 30 of then

  9. This should be called the gay-mode, everyone is hiding and camping and playing like a douche :‘D
    I still got 10+ wins with every one of them 10+ kills

  10. OK Nick I love you, but I think that this gameplay is just not quite aggressive enough. I completely respect u playing this archetype of the game, but personally I believe that it's not worthy of being posted to youtube, remember this is just my attempt of critique and i still really like your videos

  11. I…. what is that I smell?… it smell like…. a…… series? The fuck, that some amazing bullshit! ONGO!

    No but please, do make a series out of this.

  12. Is solo showdown a all platform event meaning there’s only 1 50k vbuck winner out of pc/Xbox/ps4 it is there 3 50k vbuck winners?

  13. NO ONE will see this but: I'm a struggling college student hoping to make something out of YouTube, and start a charity stream. If you guys could just leave a like on my latest video that would mean the world. Also, at 250 subs, I will actually be giving away 1000 vbucks, no lie. Thanks

  14. I’ve choked so many games in top 10 and 5’s but at least i know they’re helping me improve and at some point, I’ll win those games.

  15. Pro tip of you insult the game it will give you good stuff confirmed by ImMarksman

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