*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Free Skin Hack, Fake Marshmello Item, LTM Changes!

Fortnite New Update – Free Skin Hack, Fake Marshmello Item, and LTM Changes is what we discuss today!

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  1. this youtuber named pizo got a code from a guy named merl im not sure if merl got the code legit but i hope pizo doesnt get banned cause he has over 250 skins

  2. I love trios, me and my friends play and we don’t have an extra teammate who backs out, doesn’t land with us or is a complete noob

  3. What do you use for the thumbnail? If any one els know what he uses plz comment it under the is comment

  4. Bro I love watching your videos and I always use you as support a creator

  5. I really like this guys positive attitude to everything
    For example he was saying that it would be cool just to put anyone’s support a creator code
    I like how he’s not full of himself and supports others

  6. Like and comment if you know where TGR profile pic came from (I do since I was subbed to him 6 years ago)

  7. Trios was really good. its nice to have all 4 options. Solo, Duos, Trios, Squads. They should leave Trios in as a permanent game mode.

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