NEW Free-For-All Map! – Fortnite Creative Code (Description)

FFA Map For You to Improve in Fortnite. Constant fighting and action, Build Battles, Turtle Fighting, 3rd Parties, Full health Siphon, and non toxic loadouts 🙂
Hope you enjoy the map!

Support a Creator: SaldrianF1
Map Code: 3670-3522-9924


Song: SKANDR – Faith (Vlog No Copyright Music)…


  1. This would be amazing but with randoms i can guarantee those boomboxes will almost always be severely overused

  2. Can you make a version without boom Boxes because people in Playground fill just spam them and use them to kill people instead of what they are ment for.

  3. thanks for create the map man, I didn't find any map of this game mode to play without nine-years-old kids placing traps in the throughout spawn, you get my subscriptiont and my whole love 4ever 'till I die
    i guess

  4. I just used this and didn't get any siphon upon eliminations. Is there something I have to do before the game starts to activate siphon?

  5. Ayy! This map is very amazing, had tons of fun, good job!
    Peeps are gonna love it for sure!

    Y’all know who’s code to use 👀

  6. First and I was watching your stream while u were playing this

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