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WARNING: Use this glitch at your own risk, this video is for educational purposes only!

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  1. I need help we’ll not really but is it patched yet? (please say no)

  2. This has been the worst season 4 cheating in fortnite history with people selling tens of thousands of mods per day and epic doing literally nothing to stop the cheating this game's not even worth playing anymore unless you're one of the people who bought the $11 mod which tens of hundreds of thousands of people have already done at this point so there's literally an infestation you see people jump out of the battle bus and instantly hit the ground with guns people that have thousands of points of shield and health people that have unlimited builds like literally epic is doing nothing to stop the cheating

  3. 1:24 this is reason choppas need vaulted it's the 2 year olds ramming into you with the damn blades dealing 70 damage and it's massive fling kills you

  4. could you, hypothetically just stay in the car and get a new one when its damaged?

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