*NEW* Graffiti Paintballs have made the SPITFIRE INSANE in Apex Legends

Gotta love what you can draw



  1. I thought that they brought this game mode back for today and when I saw the R-99 I got so happy thinking they brought it back but then I saw the date this was uploaded and it was a month ago

  2. Brad didn't know about the "Get stickbugged LOL" meme

    I am ahead of him mwahahah

  3. I was in the lobby of the 2nd match and was spectating him after i died and Brad's team killed the squad that killed us. I was thinking there was serious gameplay going while max was being knocked so many times bt now i see they were chilling and also it was frustrating to see that wraith guy didn't understand the tictok match

  4. 4:24 well you have to aim gor a reason the guns not callled hipfire its called spitfire 不不不不不不不不不不不不不 i cant believe i just made that joke

  5. Dont take thia the wrong way but u sound like a walmart version of Morty but keep up the vids bro

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