*NEW* HACKERS ARE BREAKING THIS GAME!?! – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #259

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage: *NEW* HACKERS ARE BREAKING THIS GAME!?! – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #259
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  1. After wasting so much time on spam web apps, I want to save your time and energy and say that the only web app that worked is Gamecrook.

  2. They need a system to track for speedlimit while on ground. Also do they look into the reports? They manage to play many games on these accounts.

  3. i was up against one of those fast hackers a couple minutes ago. I was using bloodhound and scanned and in a second he covered all my radar distance like?

  4. i submitted my clip like 2 weeks ago and still haven’t seen it 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. 5:59 To think that the aim assit of the controls as if it was a hack, is something common of the pc players noob

    I do not intend to offend good pc players

  6. It's like nobody on YouTube can read sarcasm anymore. They're talking about console aimassist sarcastically guys.

  7. If you can control the recoil on the havoc you can control the whole lobby this thing melts.

  8. One thing u guys don't know about backing is that these Chinese people hack others account and sell them for a really cheap price and that when the hackers comes in, they would just buy these account for a couple dollar max and ranking with his friends when the account is banned he just buy another account. My friends pubg acc is banned like this actually fken stupid.

  9. They get banned. They make another account. They ruin our games. They get banned. They make another. They ruin another game…. The only solution is to ban the ID of the device.

  10. Even though I’m on Xbox whenever I die it’s confirmed it’s a hacker

  11. Had a team using speed hack but the guy was so bad when he tried to shoot me behind I still got shots in on him I can not remember the date or time of my stream but even my viewers saw it.

  12. This is why you don't put games on PC and other devices just get it on PS4 and 5 when it comes out fuck pc men

  13. Anyone else cheer when the hacker got popped? Like how do you basically have God mode and still get dropped? Trash lmao

    Next day:same hacker in the looby

  15. Why do u call your self gaming curios when the Chanel is called apex legends funny moments…..

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