*NEW* Holo-Day Bash Winter Express RETURNS!! (Apex Legends)

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  1. I don't see many youtubers making videos for this event probably coz it's almost impossible to win with random..

  2. This is my favorite ltm Apex has it changes this game so much and the immense chaos is such a thrill

  3. can you get damage badges in the new game mode? I.E. 2k, 4k…Also can you get 20 bomb badge. got 14 kills first game played, just missed 2k. wondering if we can earn them on the train??

  4. Totally not sure why people like it, the train is a horrid mode in my opinion. But I'm glad others like it

  5. Love new new additions to the vids, that new subscribe graphic is sick bro!!!!!!

  6. Okay, so I have lowered my graphics to up my fps. im going to reverse that to enjoy this map! I started in season 4 so I have never seen this except in content on youtube (curtesy of Kobi and others) so I am very excited!

  7. Would be nice if stats counted in this mode, no point to play I play for legend stats gj respawn. Smh

  8. Is anyone experiencing servers problems , like packet loss and stuff

  9. Is too easy win in the new mode. I win 6 in arow and i already win 30 is kind of boring now

  10. Hey Kobi you probably won’t see this but I missed out on airship assassin cause I didn’t have any coins do u know when it will be back and how do I get coins fast ? 😔🥺

  11. I won 20 games in a row lmfao had 3k each game, Wraiths set up is broken
    But im a tad sad with the shop ngl, the matching character skins to gun skins are all mashed up so you have to buy more than one bundle if you wanna be flashy.

  12. They really switched the gun+skin combo so that they didnt match LMFAO. They really want you to buy more than 1 if you want your skin to match the gun included in the bundle.

  13. I’ve watched a lot of creators over the years and you’re the only one that I actually like the videos on, great content and great vibes man keep doing what you’re doing

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