*NEW* LEAKED MODE ARMOUR REWORK!?! – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #296

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage: *NEW* LEAKED MODE ARMOUR REWORK!?! – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #296
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  1. I play on xbox im level 285 but my friends suck i always have to 1v3 because they die so fast

  2. I think that the new armor mechanic should only be a limited time thing or els it would ruin the concept of getting loot

  3. If u r a broke gamer like me then only read my comment i have a plan if we can ask respawn on social media and ask them to give the battle pass for free due to quarantine and only for those who have reached tier 110 it would be totally fair to do it please guys i am not on social media like Facebook,Instagram etc. So please guys i know if all of us do it we might get a reply from respawn and there is a chance of getting the battle pass for free. So please please do it if u can

  4. It’s better with pistols only, it’s better since you know what players have and their weapons won’t over power you like a r99

  5. i like apex the way it is without the armor change i think they should have a 24/7 mode with the shield

  6. I feel like there should be only punching game mode. I feel like that would be fun

  7. The shield concept isn’t from Warzone. And Apex by far has the longest kill time than any other battle royale (where you can’t build a skyscraper.)

  8. Yo guys I sent clip just to know in case of approval how long it takes to get in clip?

  9. Honestly please just let it be a limited time mode I just feel like the game would play differently if it automatically gave u armor in the beginning of the game

  10. Nah, there is nothing more satisfying then to to kill someone with a purple armour using white and then taking theirs.

  11. I unsubscribed because it's clear you hate PlayStation players but your just butt hurt that our console is better and so is our players

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