*NEW* LEAKED SEASON 5 INFO!?! – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #306

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage:
*NEW* LEAKED SEASON 5 INFO!?! – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #306
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  1. I'm a day late on this so please forgive me.

    What you showed was not a leak, it's called a teaser. A leak is when data miners go into the games files and some of the games codes to see what's coming in the future.
    A teaser is something the devs put in the game to foreshadow an event.

  2. Console apex is not even the same game as pc apex ……………………….

  3. i watch all these videos and see so many mirage plays and wonder why people want a buff. he seems op already

  4. Fuccckkkkk!!! Enough King’s Canyon already! Jesus Christ… I’m done with Apex completely if they announce that King’s Canyon is the Season 5 map. That being said, I’ve got an account for sale! Started playing day 1, have all max level badges for seasons 2-4, multiple legendary skins for every legend and numerous legendary skins for every weapon, a few hundred wins distributed amongst all legends, 600 Apex coins, 2,200 crafting materials, 150,000 Apex credits. Miscellaneous 3&4k badges and every event badge and weapon skin in existence. Make me an offer.

  5. Sentinel moments: No scope, shot in the air, headshot, 999999999°

    Me: Where were you when I needed you?!

  6. With the secret tunnel that the bracelet brings you too, as the lights activate on the wall it reveals SPECTERS, from Titanfall 2. They're an AI enemy, and pretty burly ones at that. And the sound that plays before you get sent back to worlds edge? Yeah, that's the sound they make while active.

  7. I’m really excited for season 5. I do want to point something out. PVE has been in the air for a while and apex is infamous for leaks and testing things early. We got prowlers on worlds edge and it shows a robot factory for the loba teaser. Does this mean we’ll be fighting them in a trial like manner for loot on Kings canyon?

  8. If you look at your apex main screen it shows you the tunnels. Where you add friends the background.

  9. They are just doing that to get you somewhere bro it’s just a teaser nothings going to happen with that tunnel

  10. I want to love this channel but its way too late with the news. Other channels are far ahead of this.

  11. Apex season five be like:
    The wingman is a sniper
    The peacekeeper is a sniper
    but the triple take and setinel are now shotguns

  12. I'm excited for kings canyon to main!
    If you are too: reply
    If you are not: reply
    If you dunno: like

  13. I love these season five teasers oh and there's going to be a new map in season five

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