*NEW* OCTANE IS BROKEN IN 3RD PERSON!?! – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #217

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage:
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  1. I want a bangalore Heirloom. what would it be. lmfao maby a bangalore only G7? What do you think it would be? Hmu with your insight?

  2. 8:15 holy sh why are you unthankful for that

    He seems like a guy to cry over a Nissan car

  3. i don't understand why in 1st person i'm an avarage player and in 3rd person i'm totally trash

  4. I was rly negative to the 3rd prs. Mod but now i must say tjis mod have rly much… i want play this more its was rly funny but not only😁👍

  5. I don’t like the way you go in first person with digital threat it feels very different

  6. nice channel…but too much controller noob stuff… its always like… "omg sic….controller…-.-"

  7. What are all off you’re highest kill games in third person mode
    Mine is 16 if you guys wanna know
    2602 damage

    I also don’t like third person mode

  8. Dunno if anyone else noticed but the firing range dummies have been updated, their AI, They seem alot more aggressive and move more, seems way better for training, probably for the upcomming dummies gamemode they changed it

  9. it already has a third person in my head, I don't need it in the game either..try and it sucks…

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