*NEW* Pay to Win skin for the R-99? (Season 4 Apex Legends)

►Zero point is the new R99 skin for Apex Legends, came out in season 4 and honestly the iron sights are so much better than the base skin’s iron sights. It’s often compared to the original P2W R99 skin (avalanche) – and today, I test them both out and see which one is better. Is the Zero Point actually the NEW pay to win skin for the r99?

boom –
typho -…


  1. Could be an short and informative video. 5 minutes would be good.
    I'm nit watching 30 minutes just to know if a gun is "pay to win"

  2. to remove this sort of pay to win skin thing i think they should add the option to choose between iron sights on every gun

  3. I just bought the battlepass today and damn!
    The zero point and flatline skin heavy metal have fucking op iron sights!!

  4. how do you get the caustic trap charm on your wingman i’ve been looking for it forever

  5. the big wings are good because you know about where you are shooting when you dont have a barrel to lessen the flash

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