New PUBG Hacks 1-27-18 Compilation

If you are here for new hacks, you are going to be greatly disappointed. Trash cans beware. This video is a collection of games over a one week period. I will be taking video submissions via Google Drive links at

Top video submitter will be rewarded with a $20 Steam gift card every week of a new video. Please submit high quality videos with no racism or overly offensive vulgarity.

PUBG Corp, please fix your damn game.

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  1. Pulls out a shotgun and kills my whole fucking team from across the map🤣🤣🤣

  2. I'm sorry about you and your wife. I hope things are better.

  3. Usually livestreamers cheat to get more views and donations. You really gotta be a special kind of pus to cheat at a video game.

  4. I've reported tencent and bluehole to ios and Google for misconduct and gaming infringement… I just finished video evidence, now just need communication evidence with devs… Please send these clips to ios and Google reporting teams

  5. You do know that 100% of the kill cams are stuttery and glitchy right? So half the guys with no recoil or shots hitting where they aren’t aiming is just the kill cam being bad for pubg

  6. All Chinese they are make global pubg people doesn't love it anymore cause of China hacker and China will make they own pubg like mobile

  7. Hackers usually have no cloth on because they're using a guest account with no progress so when they get banned it's not really a big deal

  8. One or two actually ain’t hackers. Shit that means I’m a hacker just because I’m good at the game

  9. I mean it's so obvious that 90% of these players cheat, still the vid has 1k dislikes. I hope it's because people don't like hacks, not because they defend that shitty game.

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